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eLumen Software Benefits

The Outcomes Transcript

The Outcomes Transcript

View where any student stands relative to outcomes defined for the institution or program, in real time.

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Course SLO Matrix

Course SLO Matrix

Easily link course assessments to program and institution-level learning outcomes, creating institution-wide aggregated outcomes data.

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Real-Time Reports

Real-Time Reports

View powerful real-time reports to measure student learning over time.  Available at the administrator, program, and faculty levels.

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What are the criteria for selecting an assessment solution?

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eLumen presents the first and only platform for systematic attention to student outcomes throughout an entire college or university. Using a variety of sources and methods, eLumen’s interface accepts input to support integrated customization of:

  • Continuous data at all levels—horizontally and vertically, from an individual student up to the institution as a whole
  • Authorization-based reporting, on-demand from any user’s Web-connected computer
  • Incremental progress toward better outcomes assessment methods.

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